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Meath County Childcare Committee has an expansive Resource Library based in their office. This library is available on a daily bases to childcare providers, childminders, parents, childcare students and anyone interested in researching childcare issues. The topics available are:

  • Child Protection
  • Setting Up and Managing a Childcare Facility
  • Social Inclusion
  • Play
  • Childminding
  • Parenting
  • Training
  • Grants
  • School Aged Childcare
  • Reports
  • Grants
  • Suppliers and Equipment

A copy of all Meath County Childcare Committee Library books are available in Navan Library and can be ordered from your local library for you convenience.

Feel free to drop in to us anytime.

AIM-LINC Library


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Programme
Funded under AIM Access and Inclusion Model

What is the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Programme?

The programme centres around the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Charter and Guidelines for Early Childhood Care and Education. The course is facilitated by Meath CCC.

It explores a wide variety of challenges facing early childhood services today, that can inhibit or prevent services operating in a fully inclusive manner. Challenges such as prejudice, real representation of all children in an early childhood service and strategies to promote inclusive practice are all explored.

What does the course cover?

The course will explore the key issues surrounding Diversity and Equality and promote good practice in terms of supporting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in an early childhood setting. It will support educators in developing an inclusion policy for their setting.

Meath CCC team members are delivering Diversity, Equality and Inclusion training on an ongoing basis throughout the county.

How will completion of this course enhance children's learning and development experiences?

Completion of this course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to encourage opportunities for all children to thrive in early education through the promotion of positive identities and abilities, the celebration of diversity and difference in an inclusive, participative culture and environment.

What resources will support training participants?

During the DEI training programme, a book audit is carried out to encourage early educators to explore the messages portrayed in the books provided to children within early childhood services. Some key children's books, which explore topics such as gender, family structure and varying abilities of children, used as part of this element of the programme are available through the Meath CCC loan library for participants who've completed the DEI programme.

Packs containing the books used in the Diversity Equality and Inclusion Programme are available for participants who have completed this course.

How do you borrow these books?

Simply ring or call into our office to borrow these books and our staff will inform you of our lending policy. Our Office is located at Meath County Childcare Committee, Commons Road, Navan, Co. Meath or by ringing reception on 046-9073010.

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